Dawn of Glory

Real Stories from Fairfield, California

A young man stares out at highway 101, contemplating a quick death at the hands of one of the motorists speeding by.  Would this provide the relief he longed for from the darkness that engulfed him? Sweet relief from his mother’s neglect and beatings from every father figure she brought home? Would he ever emerge from the shadows of despair and potential suicide into the light of love and support he so longed for?


A woman sits weeping over six small ribbons, four blue and two pink, each signifying another abortion, another tiny little life taken.  Her shame and guilt weigh down on her like a ton of bricks.  Would she ever be free of these shackles, free of the rage that burned against the father of these lost children, and finally finding peace after bathing her past in forgiveness?

These are real stories from First Assembly of God of Fairfield – men and women who have survived the darkness of night: addiction, drugs, loneliness, rejection, gang violence, abuse and even death.  They have wept and struggled and come out on the other side no longer alone, but accepted, supported, healed.  Experience these stories of hope in their dawn of glory.

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